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Screw mounting railing post, to be applied on flat or slightly inclined surfaces up to a maximum inclination of 10 °; for securing floors, floors, balconies and stairs.


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Traditional type parapet post, with screw mounting, to be applied on flat or slightly inclined surfaces up to a maximum inclination of 10 °. Suitable for securing floors, balconies, slabs and floors. The parapet upright is equipped with a vice and a tilting plate for fixing at the bottom. This article is indicated for the safety of balconies, slabs, stairs and terraces.
Also available with upright height of 120 cm.

elementi montante parapetto mh11eco

 The post for temporary parapet consists of two elements connected together and made sliding inside one another by a threaded bar. The main element is formed by a vertical upright in square tubular (1) which together with the three bent sheet metal elements (2) constitute the stop for the parapet and toeboard supports.
At the base of the tube (1) there is a fork in bent sheet metal (3) which acts as an upper support for the upright. The threaded bar (4) for connecting and adjusting the mobile lower part is fixed inside the tubular (1).
The second element consists of a square tubular (5) sliding inside the first (1) which carries a folded sheet metal (6) welded in the lower part which acts as a support to the tilting clamping plate (7): the sliding movement of the two described elements is imparted by the crank (8) fixed to the upper end of the threaded bar (4).

Esempio applicazione Parapetto anticaduta MH11eco

Reference standards and certifications

UNI EN 13374: 2013 standard
Temporary edge protection systems' product specification and test methods.
Legislative Decree No. 81 of April 9, 2008
Protection of health and safety in the workplace.
The parapet has been tested since
Geotechnological laboratory Emiliano s.r.l.
of Parma (Aut. Min. LL. PP. Decree n. 16386 of 13.06.1977 and subsequent renewals):
Certificate No. 1093/2006 of 01.08.2006 and No. 0149/2006 of 06.03.06

Protection system classification: class A
Reference standard EN 13374: 2013
Parapet Technical Sheet

Useful Height

100 cm

Maximum distance from the facade of the building

16.5 cm

Riser tube


Support tube


Parapet weight

5.4 kg


class A according to EN 13374: 2013

Center distance of the uprights

180 cm

Section anchor plate-
Section support plate





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