Aluminum balcony scaffold from 3,00 mt.


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Balcony scaffolding mt. 3.00

Aluminum balcony scaffolding, length 3.00 m, depth 0.74

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Scaffolding for balconies m 3.00x0.74

Quick assembly scaffold for balcony maintenance

Every firm and painter should have a scaffolding for balconies in its tool kit as it is very convenient for quick and occasional interventions to replace the fixed facade scaffolding.
Equipped with 4 removable telescopic legs that give the possibility to 4 aluminum plates to brace on the ceiling of the upper balcony, the base of the scaffolding resting on the lower balcony. A front overhang and, if necessary, a lateral overhang are also attached to the base with 4 terminals (both front and side equipment). The user can carry out maintenance or work on the upper balcony through these cantilevered walk-over floors. This must always be done using a PPE fall arrester which must be fixed to a fixed structure and of sufficient capacity.
Our Scaffolding for Balconies is made up of a few easy-to-carry components that can also be used in standard configuration for use with a common scaffolding.
The scaffolding for balconies is available with a width of 0.74 m and with lengths of 3.00 m, the height is adjustable to allow anchoring to the upper balcony and ranges from 2.40 to 3.30 meters. the maximum capacity is 120 kg (including 1 person - floors not included).

The ideal scaffolding for whitewashing and balcony maintenance. It is built in a very light aluminum alloy with a ø 50 mm tubular. with non-slip knurled steps. The structure is resistant to rust.
It is composed of a few components that make it light, space-saving to transport and easy to assemble in a few minutes and without the need for tools such as screwdriver keys etc.


Available widths: 0.74 m

Available lengths: 3.00 m

Capacity: 120 kg (1 person included - floors not included)

Step with knurled steps: 30 cm

n.4 nylon wheels with injected anti-fingerprint polyurethane cover, wheels Diameter: 125 mm equipped with double pedal brake

Adjustable legs available: 15 - 40 - 70 cm

Overhangs available: front and side

Guarantee: 5 years

Included: user and maintenance manual and certificate of conformity with current standards

Identification label


Walking surface with aluminum armor and marine plywood top with toeboard, trap door and windproof hook. The wood is painted and non-slip.

All components are marked with the year of manufacture and the Svelt logo as required by the European standard.

scheda tecnica con misure trabattello balcone

Marchetti normative


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Aluminum balcony scaffold from 3,00 mt.

Aluminum balcony scaffold from 3,00 mt.

Balcony scaffolding mt. 3.00

Aluminum balcony scaffolding, length 3.00 m, depth 0.74

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